What Can You Do in St. Albert?

Northwest of the thriving metropolitan city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, St. Albert is a diverse and fun city that has nonstop attractions and fun. Whether you’re craving some time outside in nature, or you’d instead shop and lose yourself in material goods: there’s something new for every visitor.
Getting to know St. Albert allows visitors the chance to get to know themselves; here are some
of the top things this city has to offer:

Servus Credit Union Place

Although many people think malls are vanishing, Servus Credit Union Place isn’t going
anywhere! This entertainment and shopping complex is a giant building of nonstop fun and
interest. Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, this complex has everything from Olympic
swimming pools to shops that have the latest fashion in store for anyone who wants it. There’s
something here for every family member; after one visit, you’ll want to look at St. Albert homes
for sale
instead of ever going home!

Century Casino St. Albert

After a day of fun splashing in water or shopping until you drop, why not enjoy the fun that
requires a little bit of luck? The Century Casino in St. Albert is a fun adult getaway where you
can drink, play games with locals and vacationers alike, and cut loose. New games rotate
through every couple of months, so you can never get bored of the selection and fun in store in
the Century Casino!

Musee Heritage Museum

St. Albert has a long and exciting past that some residents don’t even know about. The Musee
heritage museum takes you through what led this city to where it is now and how far the city still
has to go. With displays speaking on the First Nations people of the area and explaining how it
became industrialized, this museum is an excellent stop for anyone wanting to know more.

Riel Recreation Park

St. Albert has some of the mildest and easy-going summer weather in the county! Because of
that, Riel Recreation Park is a hit! This park offers everything from boating to kayaking and
even information on the environmental history of the area. Built on land that used to be a
sewage lagoon, this park has taken wildlife conservation and waterway cleaning seriously and
has informative tours on what we can all do to help Earth.

Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park

If being out and about in town has you wearing thin, and you’re tired from kayaking: it’s time to
take things slow and relax. The Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park is a place where anyone
can get away and enjoy the beauty of nature. With hundreds of species of wildlife, beautiful
greenery and waterways, and calm energy, this area feels like slipping away from every ounce
of stress that we carry with us. This park gives you a chance to catch your breath before
heading back out into your next activity.

Have you ever visited Canada? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Dani x

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