The Best Documentaries Out Now

I was recently inspired by JennyInNeverland‘s post about Stacey Dooley’s documentaries (Stacey is amazing by the way – she’s very down to Earth and makes really informative documentaries), which you can read here. I thought I would share some of my favourite documentaries that are on Netflix or BBC iPlayer right now.

  1. Life And Death Row: The Mass Execution. On BBC iPlayer right now, this four part documentary is a harrowing tale of how one US state plans to execute multiple men on death row in a very short space of time, in order to use the execution drugs they have in stock before they expire. The documentary looks at the victim’s families’ views on capital punishment as well as the offenders’ stories.
  2. Stacey Dooley Investigates. This documentary series, which is also on BBC iPlayer, looks at topics around the world including domestic abuse in Russia and whether sex offenders in Florida should get a second chance when they are released. Stacey is a wonderful presenter, and she approaches the subjects of her documentaries with an open mind, allowing for wonderfully unique points of views to be discussed.
  3. Panorama: Britain’s Equal Pay Scandal. Examining gender inequality in pay, this short documentary on BBC iPlayer is really informative and a definite must-watch.
  4. Making A Murderer. A Netflix original which was talked about all over the world, Making A Murderer is the extraordinary story of Steven Avery, and his nephew. If you haven’t already watched it, you need to. Steven’s story will shock you and leave you wondering if he really committed the crime he is currently in jail for, while his nephew’s story will leave you outraged.
  5. Oklahoma City. Another documentary which can be found on Netflix, Oklahoma City examines the bombing of a federal building and the manhunt which followed. It’s fascinating and absolutely heartbreaking.
  6. Welcome to Leith. Welcome to Leith is about the attempt by a white supremacist group to take over a small town in North Dakota. You can watch it on Netflix, and be as horrified as I was!

What are your favourite documentary picks at the moment?

Until next time, Dani x

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